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All About Us.

Door2DoorPaws is a passion project that has grown through the love of animals, especially dogs and the importance of providing them with an active, healthy lifestyle as our lives as owners become busier and our spare time more precious.

With the average dog requiring at least 60minutes of exercise a day, finding the time between work and family to cover this is becoming increasingly difficult but that's where we can help.

Door2DoorPaws support

Florence Following

In addition, we also provide useful options to relieve you of the stresses of daycare/kennel delivery and collection, veterinary visits (appointments & emergencies), holiday boarding and much more.


And while we specialise in canine care, we also cater for other types of pets and animals with service and options for them too.

Please explore our website for more details.

The Door2DoorPaws boss

Lucca leading the way

At Door2DoorPaws we recognise the essential benefits of dog walking and provide a range of activities for social and physical interaction between dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Ultimately our goal is to compliment your lifestyle with a range of services delivered by a friendly & efficient team you can trust.

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